How To Clean Bathtub The Easy Way.

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How To Clean Bathtub The Easy Way.

Having a hard time keeping your bathtub clean?  How to clean bathtub the right way.

One of the most common calls we get here at the Refinishing Network is my bathtub will not stay clean.

There are a ton of of different cleaners on the market today, most of them claim to be miracle cleaners which will remove soap scum, cut lime/rust and restore your tub back to new again.  Most of the claims are true but for them to work well your bathtub needs to be in tip top shape.

So you work your butt off putting tons of time and elbow grease into cleaning your bathtub and wonder why it gets so dirty so fast.  Well the truth is the glaze of your bathtub is worn or porous which is trapping dirt and soap scum, this is the reason why it gets so dirty so fast.

how to clean bathtub

How to clean bathtub and keep it clean, your best choice is to hire a professional bathtub refinisher to reglaze your bathtub to a like new condition.  Once you restore the glaze you will have no problem cleaning that old bathtub due to the fact of the extremely high gloss, anti graffiti proof coating that is applied to your bathtub. The feedback we receive, customers cannot believe how easy the tub is to  keep clean, the soap scum just wipes off with very little cleaning at all.

Hope these how to clean bathtub tips inspire you to give bathtub refinishing a look.  Refinishing Network provides pre-screened professional bathtub reglazing experts who can make your tub look new again.  Find A Pro Here.

Bathtub refinishers are experts on how to clean bathtub.


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